DKW College



Vision & Mission


  1. To empower women by developing an awareness of Statistics subject to pursue further higher professional studies for evaluating themselves to higher positions.
  2. To initiate, promote, develop and sustain quality innovative and research in the field of Statistics (Research Methodology).
  3. To build intellectual and imaginative minds
  4. To train, review and develop curricular  that meet the changing needs in discipline of Statistics which are used  in  competitive  exams                                                                                                                            


        To establish global competence among students by inculcating optimistic thinking and positive spirit. To excel in all areas of teaching-learning, research, outreach and consultancy  in the field of statistics. To maximize the students’ abilities to pursue their goals. To promote the Statistical Analysis through excellence and practical knowledge.


Year of establishment: year 1997-98 .

Department  has one staff room, two  rooms with well equipped furniture.

Number of Sanctioned posts                                                           :           02

Number of regular Lecturer working                                           :           01

Number of  contract Lecturer working                                        :           01

Ratio of Teachers to Students                                                         :           1:40

The year when the curriculum was revised last                       :           2015-2016

No. of Books in the Departmental Library                                  :           100

University Distinction in the academic year2015-2016

And received Prathibha Award                                                       :           01

Best practices of the Department:

1. Maintenance of bulletin board to display latest trends in the subject. 

2. Availability of Internet facility for student’s progression purpose.



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