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Research Projects submitted  since 2012

  • Kum. A.  Lalithamaba, Lecturer in Botany – “Effect of Salinity on Mangrove Associations of SPSR Nellore District, A.P.” 2011-2012
  • Smt. V. Kezia Lakshmi Bai, Lecturer in Zoology – “Comparative Study of Periphyton Diversity on added substrata Ipomea Branches in small house hold fish pond and water storage tank and their effect on water quality”. 2012
  • Dr. P.M.V. Prasad, Reader in Mathematics – “A finite element analysis of convective heat transfer through a porous medium in channels / ducts”. 2012
  • Dr.G.Varalakshmi Lecturer in Statistics—“Drought in AP impacts and adaptation strategies with reference to 56 mandals of Prakasam district based on 2011 agricultural year” 2014-15 
  • Dr.Y.Dayakar. Reader in Zoology—“Ecological studies in the Nellore freshwater tank- with reference to seasonal distribution physiochemical parameters and relative attendance of planktonic forms, an index of biological productivity.” 2014-2015
  • Ms. A Lalitamaba, Retd. Lecturer in Botany—“Exploration of plant resources of veligonda hills of eastern ghats in Nellore, Kadapa and Prakasam districts of AP and development of their digitized database” 2015-2016

Research projects in Progress

  • Dr.C.Kalapriya, lecturer in Home Science—“ Impact of life skills education on improving reproductive health, awareness on AIDS, among rural adolescent  girls”.



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